The Gordon Hotel wants to thank our members by wanting you to join our Member’s Club. Simply by filling out our registration form below and at a cost of $10, you will join the Gordon Hotel Social Club and be able to take advantage of our club benefits.

You will also receive a member’s number which will entitle you to the Wednesday evening Member’s Draw and access to other Member functions, such as a Christmas Party and themed nights that are arranged during the year and as designated by the Social Club Committee.

You will have the ability to accrue point with the Members Card for each purchase transaction over the bar, with the exception of cigarettes. These points can be redeemed for products as described in the Gordon Hotel Social and Members Club Terms and Conditions.

The Hotel will congratulate each patron, on their birthday with a complimentary dinner meal of any value with a glass of your preferred wine or the obligatory Gordon Birthday Beer. However, there is a condition that you must dine with three other paying guests.

We will also have the Happy Birthday song played across the Hotel surround sound system in your honour.

Note, we only allow one birthday per calendar year! Your actual age will remain our secret!!!

All benefits and events will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Gordon Hotel Members Social Club.


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